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Old Girls & Daughters

Whether you attended Girls’ Collegiate, Wykeham or The Wykeham Collegiate for one year or for fourteen years, we consider you to be one of us!

Our main focus is to connect Old Girls everywhere and preserve the proud traditions and histories of all three schools.

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Please keep us updated with your latest contact information via our on-line update form.

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Paying it forward

Old Girls & Daughters

Educating Women for the Real World requires funding.

The Guild raises funds to enable daughters of Old Girls to attend the school and, as of 2018, this bursary will be available every year.

Your financial generosity, no matter how small the sum, will make a tangible difference in the life of this school as we continue to build on the vision and legacy of our founders.

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Honouring Alumni

Old Girls & Daughters

We are very proud of our Old Girls and consider them to be one of our greatest assets.

We give special recognition, once a year at Reunion Day, to a past pupil whose efforts to give back to her community have been exceptional.

Should you consider one of your fellow Old Girls to be a worthy nominee, please complete a nomination form. Closing date: 31 December each year.

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Digital Archive

Old Girls & Daughters

The Old Girls, together with the school, have been able to assist in the creation of a digital archive. 

This archive will underpin the process of engaging former pupils across the globe and giving current pupils and staff a sense of identity with the proud traditions of The Wykeham Collegiate.

Your support of this initiative will be greatly appreciated.

View the digital archives here.

Support the digital archives here.