Scholarships & Bursaries

Scholarships & Bursaries

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Various scholarships are available to girls entering The Wykeham Collegiate in Grade 8 each year and bursaries to girls in Grades 8 to 12 (either entering, or currently at, TWC).

The closing date for scholarship and bursary applications is usually the first week of the Second Term of the preceding year.

More detailed scholarship information is available here.

More detailed bursary information is available here.

All-round & Academic Scholarships

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The Rose Ella Waring Scholarship is the top all-rounder scholarship offered at TWC and represents a 75% discount on both tuition and boarding fees. Applicants will be asked to complete  a C.V. form suppiled with the scholarship information pack. Recipients of this scholarship are required to board at TWC.

Several additional Boarding and Academic scholarships (both Major and Minor) are also available offering a variety of discounts.

Music & Sports Scholarships

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Scholarships (Major and Minor) for both Music and Sport are also available.

The Music Scholarship requires applicants to write the Entrance and Scholarship Examination. If an applicant is identified as a finalist, she will also need to attend a practical examination.

The Sports Scholarship requires applicants to complete a C.V. form that is supplied towards the end of Term 1 of Grade 7.


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Bursaries (financial assistance) are available, on application, to parents of girls entering Grades 8 - 12 and are based on individual financial merit. A bursary form will be sent to the parents of applicants or current TWC girls on request.

There are also bursaries available to assist the daughters of alumni of Girls' Collegiate, Wykeham and The Wykeham Collegiate to attend TWC and these include the Shirley Simons Trust bursary and the Old Girls' Guild bursary.