Senior Academic

The Wykeham Collegiate follows the national curriculum of South Africa but writes the examinations of the Independent Examinations Board (IEB). These examinations emphasise problem-solving skills and the application of knowledge, thus influencing the teaching methodologies of the school and ensuring that pupils are well prepared for their tertiary studies.


In Grades 10 to 12 the following subjects are offered for study:

  • English, Afrikaans, isiZulu
  • Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy
  • Life Orientation
  • Physical Sciences and Life Sciences (Biology)
  • History and Geography
  • Visual Arts, Dramatic Arts and Music
  • Accounting, Business Studies and Consumer Studies
  • Computer Applications Technology (CAT)
  • Sport & Exercise Science


Girls may also choose to study Advanced Programme Mathematics and Advanced Programme English.


TWC boasts a track record of excellent Matriculation results, with an annual pass rate of 100%. The calibre of teaching ensures that each girl is helped and encouraged. Extra English and tutorials in every subject are offered to those who experience difficulties. The wide and flexible subject choice also allows the girls to study the subjects they most enjoy.


The academic staff is well versed in the new curriculum, many having authored or co-authored the latest textbooks. All teachers regularly attend conferences and talks on curriculum matters, and most have attended an IEB Assessor’s course.


Vocational Guidance has always been taken seriously at TWC. Besides Life Orientation lessons, pupils are taken on visits to various industries and professions, they have talks on different careers and university courses, and all spend a few days of their Grade 11 year in a Work Experience situation of their choice.


We aim to prepare women for the real world. Our pupils develop a good work ethic, they acquire many academic skills; and are well-equipped for their future studies at a tertiary level.



GRADES 8 & 9

In these grades, girls study two Languages, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Human and Social Sciences (HSS), Economic and Management Sciences (EMS), Arts and Culture, Life Orientation and Technology. As part of the EMS programme, every girl has the opportunity to learn business and marketing skills and to run her own business.