Art, Drama and Music

Senior Culture: Drama, Art, Music


The Wykeham Collegiate produces pupils who are visually literate and have an appreciation of the History of Art. An environment is provided in which pupils may be creative and free to express themselves in a constructive manner. Each student is nurtured and her artistic talent is developed to the full.  The subject Visual Art is offered through to Grade 12 and girls in Grades 8 and 9 study Art as part of the Arts and Culture subject.


The Art Department introduces a variety of artistic disciplines, use of materials and mediums so that pupils may produce artworks which are aesthetically pleasing, as well as conceptually and technically competent.



Drama is a vibrant part of life at The Wykeham Collegiate. Each year there is at least one major production, often in collaboration with a boy’s school. There are also opportunities for performance in the Grade 12 productions, House plays, Speech and Drama festivals and Funk, which is a drama/dance performance. Dramatic Art as a Grade 12 subject is a popular choice. The development of theatre from ancient Greek times to contemporary theatre is studied.


Practical work accounts for a portion of the syllabus so that girls have a chance to develop their dramatic skills as well as their knowledge of Drama.



The Wykeham Collegiate encourages girls to study music because of its proven value.  The omnipresence of music in the school enables girls to learn to appreciate and enjoy it.  Further, music fuels the soul.  Studying music helps develop self-discipline and persistence and is a demanding form of exercise that requires outstanding physical co-ordination.  The Wykeham Collegiate is able to provide individual tuition, not only in a range of instruments that include drums, saxophone, flute, clarinet, piano, violin, guitar and recorder, but also in voice training. Opportunities for public performance abound. There are Choirs and Wind Bands and pupils regularly enter external practical and theory examinations.


Music is offered as an optional subject in Grades 8 and 9 and girls may choose to study it for Grade 12 as an element of the Grade 12 Subject Package.