The Foundation's Aims

TWC Girls

"We aim to provide TWC with a long-term endowment so it can continue at the forefront of girls’ education in South Africa. Our dream is to fund the Foundation to the point where it can sustain its own administration and become a powerful tool for promoting excellence in education at The Wykeham Collegiate.”
– Board of Governors

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Target Areas

TWC Girls

The Foundation focuses on three target areas:
- to provide access to excellent education for deserving girls
  from disadvantaged backgrounds;
- to provide bursaries for daughters and granddaughters of
  Old Girls of Girls' Collegiate, Wykeham School and
  The Wykeham Collegiate and
- to develop outstanding facilities to provide a
  world-class education.


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The Foundation team undertakes to:
- respect your right to anonymity;
- ensure you receive regular communication;
- extend appropriate recognition and appreciation;
- offer naming opportunities for buildings or scholarships
  subject to the size and nature of the donation,
  sponsorship or legacy;
- list the name of major donors (if not anonymous);
- invite donors to appropriate events at the school.