Academic Studies

Nurturing Environment


The Junior School offers a balanced, broad curriculum which:
- provides a strong foundation,
- builds confidence and self-esteem,
- promotes sound values, and
- encourages kindness and compassion.

National benchmarking assessments are written annually by our Grades 4 – 7 girls.

Imaginative Teaching

TWC Camps & Outings

Sound, imaginative teaching ensures that girls grow in confidence, make progress and enjoy school. Our small classes allow dedicated and professional staff to nurture, stimulate and extend each girl.

Education is a partnership between home and school and positive relationships with parents is a priority.

Learning through play

TWC Pre-Primary Playground

Learning in Grades RRR to R is based on principles of integration and a happy, play-based learning environment.

Activities have their own unique characteristics, and prepare them for the formal learning years. Drama, Music, PE and Psychomotor lessons provide opportunities to gain independence, explore and discover.


TWC Junior Engineers for Africa

All girls in the Junior School take computer lessons and iPads are available for use by all grades. Classrooms are fitted with interactive boards and discerning use of technology is encouraged.

Basic coding is taught from Grade R using a variety of tools and girls have the opportunity to learn to use the school’s 3-D printer.

Learn more about our academic programme here.