Outreach & Clubs


TWC Clubs

All girls from Grades 3 to 7 take part in Clubs which are held on a Friday afternoon. A variety of clubs is offered to the girls and they choose a different club each term so that they are exposed to many different interests.

Participation helps them to develop organisational skills and enables social networking.

Hearts of compassion

TWC Hearts of Compassion

The challenge to instil an awareness of social justice issues and develop empathy towards others is taken very seriously. It is hoped that girls’ hearts will be stirred in such a way that outreach will become an integral part of their lives.

The development of a heart of compassion in our girls is valued.


TWC Enviromental Awareness

Each grade adopts an Outreach venture each year and this sensitises them to the needs of the wider community.

Junior School teachers are also involved in a peer workshop programme, Partners in Education (PIE), and regular workshops are held for teachers from other schools.

Find out more about our Outreach and Clubs programme here.