A vibrant committee of Old Girls ensures that the main focus of the Guild is pursued – to preserve the proud traditions and connect the histories of all three schools. 

Old Girls’ Committee

Mrs Lindsay Wayt – Chairlady (née Birss, TWC 1991)
Mrs Sonja Aadnesgaard – Vice-Chair and Treasurer (née Dahl, TWC 1991)
Mrs Jen du Plessis (née Calitz, TWC 2000)
Ms Janine Eloff (née Kinton, TWC 2000)
Mrs Cheryl Gerrard (née Taylor, TWC 1990)
Mrs Gill Lotze (née Phipson, Wykeham 1986)
Ms Eva Mackenzie – Secretary (TWC 1991)
Mrs Pippa Mitchell-Innes (née Green, TWC 1992)
Dr Lee Pachonick (née Cooke, Wykeham 1983)
Old Girls Liaison – Mrs Amy Warr (née Marshall, TWC 2009) 

Mrs Lindsay Wayt – Chairlady

Satellite Groups

For contact information, email: oldgirls@twc.org.za

South Africa

Durban Convenor:
Wendy Maartens (née Goble, TWC 1992)
Cape Town Convenor:
Sarah Sonnenburg (née Gillett, TWC 1991)
Gauteng Convenor:
Ashleigh Dawson (TWC 2002)


Australia (Perth) Convenor:
Janet Freese (née Buchanan, Wykeham 1976)
Australia (Sydney) Convenor:
Debbie Cameron (née Pickering, Girls’ Collegiate 1989)
Ireland Convenor:
Jillian Butland (née Bertele-Grenadenberg, Girls’ Collegiate 1988)
UK (London) Convenor:
Leigh Anne Dimech (Wykeham 1986)


The school employs an Old Girls’ Liaison Officer who handles all Old Girls’ and reunion related queries. Amy Warr (nee Marshall) is an Old Girl of The Wykeham Collegiate Class of 2009.

If you would like to start a branch in your region, please contact the Old Girls’ Liaison Officer on oldgirls@twc.org.za

The Liaison officer is available on weekdays during school terms.

Phone: 033 342 0752 (ext 218)
E-mail: oldgirls@twc.org.za


Connecting Old Girls everywhere is another goal of ours, and we have several branches in South Africa and globally. For contact information on any of these branches, please email: oldgirls@twc.org.za. 

South Africa:

  • Pietermaritzburg
  • Durban
  • Cape Town
  • Gauteng


  • Australia (Perth)
  • Australia (Sydney)
  • Ireland
  • UK (London)