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Please Donate to One of Our Causes

The Wykeham Collegiate is much more than just a school, we are a close community. We have two ongoing campaigns which are listed below. Please take a few minutes to read through our very worthy causes and decide how you would like to help pay it forward.


The Old Girls’ Guild raises funds to enable daughters of Old Girls to attend the school. This bursary is available every year and tenable for five years. Your financial generosity, no matter how small the sum, will make a tangible difference in the life of this school as we continue to build on the vision and legacy of our founders.

In the spirit of “Rosie”, we thank you for any donation towards The Wykeham Collegiate Old Girls’ Fund so that we can ‘pay it forward’ and give opportunities to Old Girls’ daughters to attend The Wykeham Collegiate and experience the magic of this wonderful school.


Our archives department, along with the Old Girl’s Guild, has committed to embark on a project to build a digital archive. The process of building a digital archive will take a number of years and will continue year-on-year as digital files from each year are captured and loaded. The initial effort has been to digitize a number of the school magazines that can be searched on this system.

Although this may look like a simple website, it is actually the web interface to what is known as a digital asset management system that will preserve our valuable digital files for future generations and present them to our community. It is not designed primarily for viewing material online, but rather finding the material you are looking for and then ordering a high-resolution download.

In an effort to speed up this costly and lengthy process a donation towards to digitising of your years’ magazine and/or photographs or other documentation would be gratefully received.