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Dramatic Art is taught to all girls in Grades 8 and 9 and may be taken as a subject by girls in Grades 10 – 12.

Drama is a vibrant part of life at TWC and each year there are several opportunities for girls to get involved in productions, including at least one major annual production, House Plays, mini drama productions and choreography and dance for Funk.

The Theatre has a sprung floor for dance, and is a flexible space, with productions either on the stage or ‘in the round’ on the floor.


Music permeates all aspects of school life. The school and gospel choirs, wind and string ensembles, as well as the rock band can be heard rehearsing at various times of the day.

The study of music develops self-discipline, persistence and outstanding physical co-ordination, and is actively encouraged – either as a subject or as an extra-curricular option.

A wide range of instruments is available for study, including but not limited to piano, drums, clarinet, saxophone, flute, oboe, recorder, guitar, violin, cello and voice.

TWC has a three-storey, custom-built Music School, with practising and teaching suites and a dedicated wind ensemble room.


TWC produces girls who are visually literate and have an appreciation for Art and Art History.

Girls are encouraged to be creative and artistic talent is nurtured from Grades 8 and 9 when all girls take Art as a subject. This continues from Grade 10 for those girls studying Visual Art as a Grade 12 subject.